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Logan at PCA 2002


  This is Ch. Gloria's Logan At Autumn Hill, aka Logan.  He is the first titled poodle here, so gets alittle extra attention sometimes.  Logan is our stud dog, but most importantly he is our companion, and friend.  

   Logan was bred by Gloria Saunders of Hollywood, FL. He has been the greatest addition to my poodle family so far!  He absolutely has the most wonderful temperament with everyone, from meeting newcomers, to playing with my children.  Logan is the result of a wonderful blending of two brown poodle families - the Cadbury poodle and the Calbrecht poodle. Both lines have contributed many wonderful traits, and healthy poodles.  He has had all his testing completed.
Logan passed away December 2012 at the age of 14.  We miss him dearly...      

Megan, Logan, Merecie and Kinsey