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Autumn Hills - Specializing in Brown Standard Poodles

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Brown standard poodles....that is the focus here at Autumn Hills, but we  have black standards also.  We are located near Menomonie, WI in the beautiful countryside. I raise and show  black and brown Standard Poodles. I have been involved in poodles since 1996.  I hope you enjoy looking through all the pictures of my poodles, and of all the poodles we have either raised here or have been sired by Logan or Sawyer.

  While I have played in agility, and learned with obedience, I am mostly involved with showing in the breed ring these days.  I love the beauty of the poodle, and since I am a groomer, I love the challenge and art of show grooming.  We still go through obedience training with all the dogs after they are done showing.

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